With this series I wanted to show an alternate view of nature and Alaska’s landscape, in order to de-familiarize the landscape from its literal state. Aerial images are demanding of the viewer, they shine light on a new perspective, one that pays particular attention to the terrain and details of the landscape, showing an abstract perception rarely available by other means. Alaska’s Southern landscape is unique and beautiful, and acts a fascinating setting to photograph. The allure of the landscape stems from the destruction caused by sea tides on the Alaskan shore. The salt water interacts with the terrain, damaging it, leaving behind beautiful patterns in the land’s surface. The destruction from salt water is what drew me to study in another way, leading me to examine dried salt water under a microscope. Using the same birds eye perspective found in my aerial photography, I created a parallel through microscopic landscapes to compliment the visual elegance found in my aerial landscapes. The images, although a different subject matter, happen to have similarities in their aesthetics, both share a strange abstraction in their shapes and patterns. Through these images I hope to force my audience to examine the effects and affects of salt water and to understand the scene and create order from chaos.

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