Miele - Food Photography

I had the honour of working on my first ever cook book with premier appliance brand Miele. Miele contracted my team and I to work on site for 3 weeks capturing over 100 recipes to accompany the launch of their Gen7000 oven. The Images will primarily live In their esteemed cooking app, providing beautiful visuals for their recipes. 

Miele wanted us to create a cohesive set of food Images that were beautiful yet accessible, their aim was to draw people In with approachable Images to encourage their oven users to create these recipes at home. With their vision In mind we set out to do just that, and developed a stunning body of work that Is multifaceted for a spectrum of advertising needs.

Creative Team

Client: Miele

Producer: Dasha Khomenko

Food Styling: Adele Shaw

Prop Styling: Cailen Speers

Retouching Support: Helen Pie

Using Format